TStairwell with painted doors and doorposts

Nowhere is the mark of the Master Painter more visible than on painted interior and exterior doors. Painting interior doors – with a brush – requires a steady hand and is a real test of the skills of the professional. The Master Painters at Parkstaete Schilderwerken have delivering smooth doors down to a fine art and use this skill on a regular basis. However, even in the painting trade, the technique never stands still. That is why Parkstaete Schilderwerken also offers the possibility of spraying doors. Of course, we are happy to pick up a brush to paint elaborately decorated panelled doors.

Having your doors painted by Parkstaete Schilderwerken

You are then guaranteed to earn back the cost of painting your interior (and exterior). If you want your doors painted, naturally we hope you choose the craftsmanship of Parkstaete Schilderwerken, because a well painted door is one of the best investments you can make in your home!

Interior painting in a mansion

Treating wood (rot) damage

At Parkstaete Schilderwerken, before we paint an exterior door with wood rot damage, as long as it is no more than a couple of square centimetres, we repair it with a dual component epoxy emulsion. A lot of fillers and moisture do not go well together. So-called thin filler (running a knife closely over the surface to remove excessive filler, without shaving and lines) gives the most beautiful but not always the best result. An exterior door benefits most from the use of alkyd resin-based paint. Also, current developments are so good advanced that water-based paints are also suitable for this. We also work with linseed oil-based paint, a traditional product that was used as far back as the Golden Age. On the other hand, we use water-based paint for interior doors, possibly and if necessary on a bare surface, repaired with the appropriate filler, to achieve a surface that is as smooth as glass. Another technique from the past with which repair jobs can be carried out well, is what is known as pumicing. With this old tried and tested technique, the wood is smoothed down with a pumice stone.

Tips for maintaining your painted doors

Doors more than any other painted surface in a house, are subject to the most wear and tear.

  • You the owner, can keep the doors clean with natural products like green soap.
  • If you are careful not to bump into the door when moving items, a properly finished door can last a lifetime.

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