Painting the walls of bedrooms

Parkstaete Schilderwerken is the right address for painting your interior walls, brick and concrete walls. Different surfaces each require their own specific approach. For example, painting an interior concrete wall (initially) can be done with a normal coat layer, while a silicate product is the best solution for painting a brick wall on the outside of a building. The products from Keim – where natural raw materials are used as the basis for their mineral paints – that we at Parkstaete Schilderwerken use, are ideally suited for this. Interior and exterior walls are also inextricably linked. The state of the inside is important for the exterior wall and vice versa. For instance, we always use a permeable paint to paint the inside walls. We prefer to work with that type of paint because we can be sure that this wall is properly protected against the (relatively) high indoor humidity.

Dealing with different wall surfaces

However, before we start on any wall, we first determine the type of under layer the existing paint layer consists of. To do this, we take a sample and send it to the laboratory of one of our paint suppliers to be analysed. Depending on the results of this analysis, we choose the right paint for the job after discussing it with the customer. Of course, we can only start painting the walls after the under layer has been removed or the existing layer has been cleaned and degreased. Before we paint an interior wall with an uneven surface, we can cover it with fiberglass (possibly with a pattern) and/or (invisible) fiberglass membrane. At Parkstaete Schilderwerken we are happy to give you information about the various possibilities.

Painting the walls with the least disturbance

Painting walls always means some inconvenience to residents, a room cannot be used for a while and specific items must be covered with a dust sheet. At Parkstaete Schilderwerken we realise that painting walls in an inhabited building is an inconvenience. By our use of water-based and/or siliconized paint and the fact that at the end of every working day our Master Painters leave the place spick and span and accessible to the residents, we keep this inconvenience to a minimum.
By choosing Parkstaete Schilderwerken to paint your walls for you, you not only have a large, even customized, colour palette to choose from, but you also get an end result that gives you years of living pleasure. Guaranteed, our regular clientele can tell you all about it!

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For interior and exterior paintwork, large and small projects in The Hague and the surrounding area: Parkstaete Schilderwerken is known for delivering good quality. We work according to the wishes of our clients and keep the client informed about the progress of the project. Experience shows that our customers really appreciate the weekly evaluations. The agreements made will be reviewed upon delivery. This gives a satisfactory project result. Read the reviews here "Klanten Vertellen".