Imitation technique

Marble decoration techniques on a fireplace

Parkstaete Schilderwerken works with master painters, specialized in the restoration of the decorative interior and exterior paintwork of monumental buildings. Here, it is essential to preserve the historical value. Prior to restoration, we can carry out colour research. We draft the restoration plan in the basis of the colour research. We use skills, such as brush technique, imitation marble and specialist wall finishes.

decoratietechniek kalkverf 410x308Imitation technique
Parkstaete Schilderwerken is highly skilled when it comes to decorative techniques to imitate different types of material, such as imitation wood, marble or stone. Stencilling, patina (aging), gilding or typesetting are also possible. These days, typesetting is seldom done because it has been replaced by stickered lettering. If you have an eye for quality you will appreciate this skill. Gilding means the application of a top layer of gold, silver or bronze layer to an object. A good example of this is the King’s golden carriage, another the church weathercock. Parkstaete Schilderwerken applies all of these techniques on a regular basis.

decoratietechniek marmer 410x308A piece of history
In the past, decorative techniques were mainly used in historic buildings, but often in homes where, for example, the landlord charged a tax for real oak doors or window frames, an imitation technique was also used. For example, if you wanted to give a mantle above a fireplace a more stylish appearance, then you could use imitation marble. Today, these techniques are usually used to repair old imitations.

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