Exterior Paintwork

Painting a front door at the Prinsevinkenpark in The Hague
Our expertise is continuously used to achieve optimal results
Correct maintenance of the paintwork on a regular basis is crucial to the value of a house or business premises. Parkstaete Schilderwerken can provide a multi-year plan for your object. That means that your object will be periodically checked and maintained. You can rest assured that the paintwork is in good condition at all times. An added bonus is that, during an inspection, we also assess if there is a ‘thermal bridge’ in the frames (which may cause heat loss or damp to occur) and if the insulation still meets requirements and if there is any dry rot.

gevelschilder 410x308Parkstaete Schilderwerken uses the most modern materials and techniques. Depending on the weather, the newest paint systems last approx. 7 or 8 years. Thanks to new techniques the exterior wall paints we use are self-cleaning.

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  • painting the gable
  • painting doors and/or door frames
  • painting window frames
  • other paintwork

Houtrot 410x308Dry rot repair

When moisture reaches a certain level, dry rot occurs. The damp Dutch climate is partly to blame. Structural defects and overdue maintenance are also a major cause of dry rot. The dry rot is often more advanced than was expected so you would be well-advised to call in an expert. The best solution for dry rot is proper maintenance. With good paintwork, you make sure that no moisture can get in the wood. It is also essential that doors and windows close properly. During the non-binding job evaluation, which Parkstaete Schilderwerken always carries out, it is possible that our specialist will come across signs of dry rot. If there is dry rot, then we can ensure that the woodwork is replaced or repaired using a specially developed method. If we come across signs of dry rot when painting, we will discuss the best solution with you.

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