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Interior painting of a mansion at the Prinsenvinkenpark in The Hague
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An ambient interior… everybody’s dream. The colour and quality of the paintwork contribute to the mood and décor in the space where you live or work. Besides creating the right ambience it is also important to maintain the paintwork well.

House painting maintenance The Hague

binnenschilder1 410x308Interior paintwork requires a good, solid approach. Parkstaete Schilderwerken pays attention to quality right down to the smallest detail. Giving the interior of your home or office premises a good coat of paint is the best protection for the woodwork, PVC or metal.

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Before he starts painting, our painter inspects the condition of the material. If necessary, we can take measures to control damp – essential for maintenance – or to repair any damage caused by damp. A vital living environment comes first! On delivery, the necessary attention is also given to bringing the sealing and insulation in the seams of window frames up to standard.

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We use high quality, solvent-free materials and A-quality brands (e.g. Sikkens, Sigma and Caparol). We apply a special system that speeds up the drying process of the paint. Just like our clients, we place great value to this efficient way of working.

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