Wall coverings

Wall finish by combining glass fiber wallpaper and wall paint
There are numerous possibilities when it comes to wall coverings


We deliver and apply wallpaper in a variety of materials and colours, plain or with beautiful designs.

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Fibreglass is a scratch resistant base material, available in various designs. After application it is painted over with high-quality latex. After it is completely dry, this type of wall covering is seamless and highly washable.



Stucco, plaster and spachtelputz

With this technique, the material is applied with a so-called plastering trowel and after drying time the wall is plastered. The size and shape of the grain determine the structure of the final result.

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Spray Technique

Different spray techniques are available, for both ceiling and wall finishes. A sigmulto finish can be used on walls. This multi-coloured paint is available in various shades. You can also contact Parkstaete Schilderwerken for spraying lacquers.

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